A Warm Welcome

The UK Hypnotherapy Council provides information and resources for both its professional members and to the general public searching for an Accredited Hypnotherapist in their location.

  • An independent network, the UKHC recognises and welcomes members from a number of accredited training organisations and a range of different therapeutic approaches within the field of hypnosis.
  • The UKHC actively encourages and supports the highest quality of professional practice and standards of training in clinical hypnotherapy.
  • Access to quality research and continued professional development allows our members to provide reliable and safe hypnotherapy services which represent hypnotherapy accurately and positively.
  • A provider of credible information regarding effective, evidence-based therapeutic approaches, the UKHC promotes education of both therapists and the public seeking advice on hypnotherapy.
  • Members of the UKHC adhere to a strict code of ethics and professionalism. We ensure our members always offer the very best service to their clients.

The UKHC is a supportive community dedicated to developing knowledge and nurturing talent in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. We welcome questions, discussion and debate from everyone – hypnosis professionals, educators, and especially from the public.

The UK Hypnotherapy Council: Excellence in Mind